Premium Series Stainless Steel Water Tank utilizes the most sophisticated five layers technology that each layer has an individual function. The outer layer of Tanks with a insulated stainless-steel coating that touch the water is made up of 100 100% Food grade and surgical Steel, which ensures that the water that is stored inside our tanks is clean and safe, without chemical contaminants within the water. The high-density PUF insulation within Tanks made of Steel Tank is also able to block ultraviolet rays of the sun from entering the outer layer before entering the tank’s water storage.

5 Layer come with unique technology which shields the tank from extreme weather conditions, like cold winters or hot summers that do not impact the temperature of the water within the tank. These tanks are essential for any water storage system in the home to guard against all the water-borne illnesses.

Premium Series Stainless Steel Water Tank

Kingpure SS Water Tanks, the top manufacturer of stainless steel water tanks, uses only the highest quality raw materials to provide the best service to its customers. This means that there are no health risks to the customer and no bacterial growth. Our wide range of products is specifically designed to meet your overhead water storage needs.

Kingpure is well know as a leading SS Water Tanks Suppliers

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