Solitaire Series Stainless Steel Water Tanks collection water tanks are Customized Cubical Tanks made of Stainless Steel with several layer of high grade insulation layer of steel. They can be made with different dimensions . Kingpure SS Water Tanks believes that each application is Unique and therefore we offer the possibility of a custom solution using cubical stainless steel water Tanks. They are safe for storage of drinking water since they are constructed of FDA approved materials. They are weatherproof waterproof, and the an ideal rooftop solution for water storage. kingpure solitaire series water tanks satisfy relevant food grade standards.

Solitaire Stainless Steel Water Tanks Series

Solitaire Series SS water tanks  have been manufactured by using advanced manufacturing techniques that requires no welding and have a strong structure to help support the tank’s outer layer. The Cubical Shape Stainless Steel Water Tanks are constructed from SS 316 L or SS 2205 Grade Material , with a thickness of 1.5mm 2mm, up to 5mm, which will provide longevity and the best hygiene.

Kingpure produces high-quality tank for storage of water in steel as well as water tankers for all kinds of factories, industries or educational institutions as well as for hospitals. These stainless steel water tanks made from high grade industrail grade steel and  have a very high degree of hygiene control. The sizes and the materials of these tanks can be customized to meet the requirements of the water TDS and space available at the site. The highest quality stainless steel utilized in the inside layer of the most effective industrial steel water storage tanks. It is also used for biomedical implants as well as pharmaceuticals, that is completely pure, non-corrosive and impervious to chemical attack.

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