Care & Maintenance

• Kingpure Stainless Steel water tanks are designed to give you years of trouble free performance. However, to fully enjoy the benefits of your Stainless steel tank, it is important that the tank is cleaned and maintained properly.

Cleaning your Kingpure Stainless Steel tank is a simple task.

• Do not use tank top cover for cleaning purpose. The KINGPURE STAINLESS STEEL WATER TANK Provides its customer the cleansing point in which there is Tornado Drainage system* (T.D.S.) is available which cleans your KINGPURE TANK conveniently.

• During the fitting operation of screwing your outlet cock into the outlet fitting of the tank, it is paramount to counter lock with a spanner, so that the outlet fitting will not spin in the tank. If the outlet fitting is allowed to spin, the seal will be broken and the fitting will leak.

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