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Stop plastic water bottles

Most people are still relying on packaged and bottled water to meet their daily needs. Stop plastic water bottles Most people find it easy to order bottled water from their local store since access to bottled water is very easy. However, the question that arises here is that is the source of bottled water safe for consumption?

In light of the fact that water contamination is becoming more and more prevalent and is affecting our health at an alarming rate, it is extremely important to be aware of what you are drinking.

Stop plastic water bottles There are many people who are avoiding plastic water bottles and switching to stainless steel bottles, but using stainless steel bottles alone is not enough. When you store water in a tank, pay attention to the material. You are wasting your money and time if you are using plastic water tanks to store water and then later using stainless steel bottles.

As a result, it is highly recommended that you use a different material for the tank that you are using for the storage of your water. Switching to stainless steel water tanks from plastic and concrete tanks is a smart choice for the well-being of your family as stainless steel is one of the most hygienic materials available in the market.

In this blog, you will get to know the reasons that will make you ditch plastic water bottles:

1. Full of Harmful Toxins

You purchase packaged water that contains harmful toxins.  Plastisol leaches chemicals into the water, causing health problems. PET bottles are manufactured using polyethylene terephthalate, which leaches chemicals and hormone disruptors into the water. The plastic in water bottles also contains bisphenol A (BPA), which is also known as a hormone disruptor.  All these harmful chemicals can lead to various health-related problems like prostate cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, reproductive disorders, etc.

2. A Home to Bacteria

By drinking and using plastic bottles of water, you are introducing a lot of bacteria into your body. Plastic water bottles are loaded with arsenic, bacteria, and many other types of synthetic toxins that are not within permissible limits.

3. Harmful for Mother Nature and Environment

As we are all aware that plastic is detrimental to the environment and mother nature, using plastic water bottles adds to this problem. Because plastic is not recyclable, a great deal of plastic water bottles are dumped in the garbage, which is a serious threat to our marine life and ocean.

Exploring a Safe and Better Option for You

It is very important to find a solution that is hygienic and does not cause any harm to your health while keeping in mind the harmful effects of using packed plastic water bottles. As a result, installing a stainless steel water tank is a safe, durable, and hygienic option to consider.

In addition to being one of the leading stainless steel water tank brands, Kingpure offers a wide variety of SS water tanks which can be customized to suit your needs and requirements. It is well known for its ability to provide the most durable, hygienic, safe, and uncontaminated water storage solutions. When plastic is used as a source of drinking water, you are inviting a great deal of deadly diseases into your body. Switching to stainless steel water tanks is therefore the best solution to ensure that you have access to clean, pure and hygienic water.

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